Friday, June 14, 2019

Tree in the Toilet

The Lawton 'Park and Ride' has spaces extended to the sidewalk, eating up tree space but not cutting them down 
A big tree inside the male toilet
Big tree while you are making a big pee
Quick Post: I have not gone to the Lawton 'Park and Ride' transport terminal before. It was a surprise to find a large tree present and built around with a toilet. The tree was right smack in the middle of the urinals section.  The space was just enough to allow a person to use the urinals.  But hey at least the designer attempted to save something that is green in a highly urbanized area.  I am not sure though what the tree species is (probably mango or mahogany - which I know is not native) as I was in a hurry to catch my bus. 



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clar said...

Cool place.I wish i could go there sometime.

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