Monday, January 14, 2013

The Sad Bird Story

Was a bit busy and I just barely got time to blog.  Hopefully will get more time in two weeks time after the magazine deadlines are over. 
Caged Munias
Last Christmas I saw my sister's cook's son playing around with these birds. He was literally hurling the makeshift cage into the air.  I was forced to fish out a hundred peso bill out my pocket in exchange for the birds to spare them the agony.  Took the cage home, planning to set them free the next day.

The following morning I found one of the birds already died. Our cook said he saw both birds okay when he woke up but the other started pecking on the other's head.  Most of the birds sold are male as they are more attractive.  Sellers convince buyers to get a pair and in the end the birds try to dominate each other thus resulting in stress and eventual death. There is nothing really appealing in keeping the wild birds. Opened the bird cage and watched the munia fly out into our garden, while wishing i opened the cage earlier.