Saturday, February 16, 2019

10th year?...

Last week I gave a lecture on Philippine native trees for urban landscaping.   I was introduced as architect, assistant professor, gardener and blogger.  When I heard it I realized that I have not been doing at least one of these things I was referred to as. Blogger resonated the most as I have been absent doing this blog for a year.

In the Philippine Native Tree Enthusiast page over at Facebook, someone mentioned about pioneer bloggers writing about native trees.  I was tagged in the post and the comment stated that my blog was third to write about Philippine trees, after Rey Sioson and Tristan Asuncion.  Tristan however pointed out that my blog came first before Rey's and his, which made me check how many years I have been blogging about plants in general.  I checked my logs here in this site.

I have been blogging about plants in for the longest.  But it was in 2008 that I transferred writing here at  I regret that I lost my numerous posts in multiply as the site has already shut down.  I did not get the chance to retrieve them.  But pondering on what I have here on blogspot I have nearing 500 posts about trees and some other stuff about Philippine culture.  What I also realized is that on my 10th year on blogspot, I stopped doing the blogging.  Sadly even Rey Sioson and Tristan Asuncion did so too.

I left 2018, my supposedly10th year in blogging about Philippine native trees with no posts, no celebrated milestones. I have actually left writing about anything completely.  This I regret as I remembered enjoying saying things about a lot of things, and honestly I still feel I have a lot of things to tell.

So officially I am rekindling my love to write and I am signifying another chapter in blogging about trees in this site.  I hope that you would stick around reading my musings.  I promise that if you do there will be more stuff about Philippine flora to come.