Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tree Blogs, Thesis and Sketches

When I did my LArch 25 plates on plants, I enjoyed doing it so much. I rendered my plates in full watercolor (even when what was required were just quick sketches). Now that I am in the midst of my thesis, Grace Servino is urging me to do the same. I tried to start doing some, but due to practicality I have to hesitantly abandon it (I have a day job and limited time and not to mention finite resources to do it).

I have to fit doing my ambitious thesis in my shoe string budget (I am actually surprised how I get by considering I had to leave work for a few months to finish my other graduate subjects, leaving thesis at last). I am very grateful to a lot of people who have extended their help and expertise, even though the only thing I could repay them with is my own passion to finish this native plant thesis.

I have decided to start with the second phase of doing the actual evaluation and leave the plant number at 200 species, eventhough there are still a lot of nice trees to include. In short I could not do the watercolor drawings for the thesis (I already have 5 drawings which i have to abandon) nor find some more time to explore additional trees and other exciting finds. I am posting herewith the 5 finished drawing I did, kamansi, baraibai, kabuyaw, kagumoy and kalumpang. I will do the plant drawings, but not as time consuming like these watercolor washes.

While doing research I stumbled upon some pencil sketches of plants displayed over at The site had a link to wonderful blog at The blog and the drawings were done by Val Littlewood. Instantly I became her fanatic. Her drawings have this polished and finished look though they were mostly pencil sketches. She is very meticulous in the detail in drawing a single leaf or fruit. They are so simple yet they convey a lot of attitude in small supposedly inanimate objects - plants. because of her blog i got the idea how to proceed with the plant drawings, sketch them architecturally - which is what I am used to doing. (But still i could not finish it in time for March. I ll graduate in October most probably.)

I emailed Val Littlewood and was surprised to receive a warm reply from her. It turned out she had a pinoy friend, Pedro, from Camalaniugan in Cagayan. She was interested in Pinoy plants. Her blog and her passion prompted me to create a separate blog for my pinoy native tree thesis. It is at Other than posting here in my multiply page I will keep all plant related blogs there.

A week after I received another email from Ms. Littlewood. She got intrigued with Kabuyaw in my blog she went out to the Orlando Botanic Garden to hunt for Citrus hystrix, which she did find. She wrote an entry about it in her own blog.

You should check out her other blogs and sketches. They are very worth a slow day's read.


Barry said...

Lovely sketches, is that Sterculia foetida on top?

metscaper said...

Thanks. It is supposed to be sterculia foetida.