Friday, April 17, 2009

The Flower Market Finds

I accompanied our HR Manager to buy fresh flowers for a company event. We decided to go to the well known Dangwa in Sampaloc, Manila early in the morning to catch the new daily deliveries. We were looking for white flowers for a simple and non-striking floral display and Dangwa was the right and obvious source choice. You probably could not get that much variety of blooms and materials even if you go straight to the flower plantations in Benguet and the Mountain Province, (not that we were willing to go all the way there, we only needed a few items).

I was expecting to see a lot of flowers and plant items so I came armed with my idiot proof camera. A shutterbug could not run out of subjects in this place, but I tried to zoom-in into particular stuff you could find in our Philippine forests. I just wanted to see if locals have learned to harness the beautiful and natural plant products in the countryside. True enough there are interesting native flora items in the merchandise sold.

Buho bamboos are sold for use as framing and stands for flower arrangements.

The distinct leaves of the Fishtail palm or pugahan are used as green background for bigger floral displays. The seed sprays are also offered for fillers for floral and fruit arrangements.

Rather than the short-lived sweet flowers of kamuning, its fine foliage is used, probably also as leaf fillers for smaller arrangements.

The fruits of some palms like rattan are interestingly shaped to use as berry substitutes.

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