Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Coco-things I've Never Seen Before

I was looking around in Cebu for new plants to include in my thesis, but instead I learned more new stuff about the familiar coconut. One is I finally got to photograph its flower. The coconut palm flowers at the base of its compound leaves. Most of the time they are way up the fronds, thus a little harder to spot. But my Ford's Inn room has a view of a healthy coconut tree just outside the window, which gave me convenient access to document the bloom, at last!

Second and probably the most intriguing is how some Cebuanos cook their rice - to go. The locals call it puso'. They weave coconut leaves into a pyramidal container and encase uncooked rice, which has to be the right amount in order for the rice to be cooked the right way. They steam everything and viola!...they have ready to eat rice, easy to carry and ready to go. Probably the most creative way I saw how the familiar rice is cooked. Just goes to show how complicated Cebuanos would go to enjoy a meal.


Marcus said...

Interestingly enough, some Taiwanese also prepare rice in leaf "puso" that you mention. Makes take-out really easy.

metscaper said...

i think the malaysians too have a counterpart. thdy place anchovies with it. but i am not sure if they cook it with the leaf or just wrap it after it is cooked.