Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Attractive Amugis Tree

This is a quick post as landscape architect Fred Sygue has been hounding me to email him pics of amugis (oks lan, Fred, hehehe). But instead of emailing I decided to post it so everyone could see and know more about this lesser known relative of the cashew and the mango.

Amugis is Koordersiodendron pinnatum. It is a member of the Anacardium or cashew family which also includes the mango and the dao. The tree has attractive paired pinnate leaves. They grow compact in smaller trees. A big specimen would rival the height of the dipterocarps. If you are interested to see a specimen of amugis, there is one growing behind the Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman. Large specimens could also be seen in UP Los Banos, particularly in the College of Forestry area.


ADI said...

Thanks for the images, Patrick!
You misspelt my name though... it ends in "i", not "e"...

Bing said...

Today i visited the amugis tree behind bahay alumni. I dug up 5 seedlings.--- bing suarez