Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Of Leaf and Leaf Patterns

Quickpost: Mike Asinas of Ayala Land called me a few days ago to give me trivia. It is a bit timely since I did go to the Pahiyas last weekend. He said that the iconic kiping of Lucban is molded after the leaves of a very nice tree they call kabal (Quezon) or malakape (Tagalog). This tree, Fagraea racemosa, is common in Laguna and Quezon. It bears very nice white pendant flowers and is also suitable as a garden specimen.

Kiping is rice mixed with paste, cooked to form the colorful leaf shaped parts of Pahiyas chandeliers and flowers. The rice mixture is spread on the kabal leaves and steamed for a few minutes. It is then let to dry, and pealed off from the kabal leaf mold. The kiping is the primary material used to adorn the wonderful household displays for the Pahiyas.

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