Monday, July 5, 2010

Nutting Season

Quick post! It's pili season once more! Every year my cousin would send us a sack of pili fruits from trees growing in their Cavite property. This year their pili trees did not disappoint as the sack came. Our Bicolano kasam-bahay would usually strip out the fleshy part, crack the shell and eat em raw.

Pili or Canarium ovatum is an endemic tree to Luzon and parts of Samar. The trees are quite big and in my book quite attractive for any garden.


Apicio said...

I realize the difficulty of representing flowers and fruits close to their life-size. Maybe a few size references can be included in their shots, it would be really helpful to imagine and establish correct dimension this way. For example, your shot of shelled pili nuts looks like a picture of unhulled rice grains when nothing can be farther from the truth.
But I only know this because I have seen them in real life myself. How about for those who have not, or what about non-Filipino readers of this blog.

metscaper said...

maybe next time.