Sunday, August 15, 2010

A New Breed of Animals from a Different Forest

For a change I am posting something non-plant related in this blog. My friend Ibay wanted to reminisce her Engineering days and wanted to watch the Hiyas ng Arki festivities. This is a different beauty pageant where they get to cross dress real guys (non-gay) for fun and pit them against each other like in any other beauty contest, plus a lot of fun of course. The contestants are male representatives from the different UP College of Architecture student organizations. They will get to be judged as woman for a night, in swimwear, costume, talent and Q&A portions.

What intrigued me was that they took the jungle theme this year and the contestants got to dress up as different animals. From what I could remember and decipher, they were garbed as the following: bat, snake, crocodile, monkey and eagle. Disregarding the fact that these are all for laughs, the costumes and the role-playing really reflected the character of their assumed avatar animals. They mirrored the funnyside of each animal's traits, with a little green humor to capture the rowdy crowd's attention and ultimately the judges preferences.

Oh and yes, I was told that the bat won (we left early after Ibay got hungry and had had enough of her Engineering nostalgia). One of the few instances the lesser animals would get to be noticed for their achievements.

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