Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Performing Cities Exhibit

Ever since I was a teenager I was always fascinated by the World Fair. In high school my favorite past time was looking through the pages of international magazines researching on expositions in the school library. Probably explains why I took architecture in college and why I made a thesis on World Expos in my undergrad.

20 or so years after I find myself walking through the grounds of one, the Shanghai 2010 World Exposition. It was a very gruelling experience to queue in line, walk all day and traverse the whole expanse. But the 2-day trouble was worth every pain and penny. I've had sored calves and heels which lasted a few hours but I've gained memories which will last me a lifetime.

One thing which made the trip much more rewarding was seeing our very own Philippine Pavilion. The simple structure designed by Lor Calma is all white interrupted only by different images of clapping and performing hands. In fact the theme of our pavilion was aptly named 'Performing Cities' and highlights the different festivals and arts of the country.

The Philippine pavilion is certainly not the most impressive display in the EXPO, but it could probably be one of the most lively. The plan is composed mainly by a number of performing stages. At one time a performance may be on going on one of the stages, and right after it finishes, another show will promptly start at another making the partying crowd transfer from one corner of the pavilion to the other. Dancing through the Philippine exhibits surely beats waiting while queueing in line just to enter the more popular pavilions.

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