Monday, June 27, 2011

My Baby Pink and Yellow Bloomer

Quick Post: I bought this orchid a few weeks ago in the Sunday market. It was labelled Aerides aff. odorata as the seller was not sure if it is odorata. But they were certain it was propagated from plants collected in Palawan. It had an impending flower spike which I was not sure would push through blooming.

Today as I inspected my plants (which I have not done for a long time) this bloom surprised me with its delicate baby colors. Usually in specimens I buy with with flower spikes, blooming is aborted because of transplant shock. Apparently this plant is so eager to be identified in my collection. I am still not sure what Aerides this is. It seems to have more yellow color than the usual Aerides odorata flowers. It is too light to be an Aerides lawrenciae.


Ron said...

Very very nice! Pat, if you can propagate it, I'd love to buy an offset, if you are willing to part with one.

Really lovely color.


metscaper said...

Maganda! kung meron ako makita uli. Isa lang kasi yung sa akin.