Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Year's Horti Show with a Heart

I need another one of me.  Between making the lectures, exams and checking for 5 different subjects, I made 3 articles for the magazine. Not sure if all 3 will make it to the issue. Only saw 2 with layouts, so probably the third one was done in vain.  Too bad as I enjoyed doing the missing article much.  Will probably post it here if it does not get published. 
Flowers arranged in a large heart pattern
But writing all three articles and doing the lectures made me almost hate writing.  Too much that I had only one short log for January.  But it seems my blogging zest is slowly coming back.  Hopefully I could catch up with my checking so I could clock in more time to blog. And to ease in the habit, will post a few pictures of the on going horti show.
A symphony of rosette plants
Yup, it is garden show season again, ushered in by the very first for this year, the annual Philippine Horticultural Society garden show.  The show's duration might not be as long as the previous years, but it does not mean the organizers did not go allout in preparation and activities. Exhibit booths as always brought out some of the collectors' best specimens.  The designs followed a theme making use of a lot of hearts in layout and design. Below are some of the entries in the both design competition.
Botchie Canicula's rustic booth features outstanding aroid collection including his water banana aroid.
Another aroid display with heart motif
Agave display for the Cactus and Succulent Society

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