Monday, June 24, 2013

Terrific Views of Tandag!

Coastal Tandag
Colorful boats
My friends braving the steep steps
Quick Post: We climbed the hundred or so steps to the top of the Tandag City grotto and discovered the beautiful view of the coastal city. The sleepy municipality (compared to most cities especially Manila) has a romantic feel into it, with the colorful bancas and the silhouette of not-so-tall buildings. The church bell tower seems to be one of the highest structures, as in most provincial towns.

Bat trees
The limestone mountain covered with greens
View of the river
But on the other side of the grotto, you will find limestone rocks still very much covered with trees and greens.  The big trees still remain as home to some big fruit bats that fly out at dawn (watching them is a pastime for my friends from 6 to 7 PM). That is what you don't see anymore in most provincial areas.

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