Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Last Hurray for L Arch 148

At the steps of the Burgos lighthouse
On the Kapurpurawan rock formation
L Arch 148 is a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture subject dealing with Park Design and Recreation. It is one of my favorite subjects when I was an MTLA student.  But come next year, the subject will be scrapped and its topics will be merged with the major design subjects.  This year's student batch will be the last to undergo a collective study of park systems.  Thus they are ending it with a bang with 2 major field trips, the first leg commenced last weekend bringing 16 students to the far north province of Ilocos Norte and the city of Vigan.
In Vigan at last!
Against the white background of Kapurpurawan
In Malacanang of the North
The objective was to come up with a scholastic assessment of possible design recommendations for a park system network in Ilocos.  Of course the trip would not be complete without the guidance of the equally fun-loving landscape teachers.  The adventurous gang was headed by the L Arch 148 adviser Prof. Beth Espino.

I have been to this part of the globe before, so my interest (apart from chaperoning) was to see how the students would react and interact with the natural and manmade landscapes.  The three-day immersion brought us from church landscapes and institutional gardens to unique and natural landforms, providing a varied and interesting array of attractions for tourism and recreation. Looks like the class have their work cut out for them.  Though there are a lot of stuff to include and tackle, I am quite sure they would not run out of ideas for this one, since  the mix of the natural and the designed will hopefully make their assessment an interesting read come semester end. 
At the top of the heap in the sand dunes
Jubilant in Pagudpud

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Carol said...

This is a beautiful scenic attraction. Love it! Good exposure for your students. Patrick bring us there next time.