Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Going Back to a Habit...

The usual suspects against the Bucao backdrop
Since July 2013 there had been certain things that kept me busy. There were also changes which led me to forget certain habits.  One of them is I got too engrossed using my new Samsung phone and that led to me not opening my laptop frequently.  It allowed me to check the internet using my phone but is not conducive for certain stuff easier when a computer is used, especially blogging. Another is that because my phone (this is not a plug for my phone brand) is so versatile, it required me to bring my camera much less. Thus making-the-trips and taking pictures of the sceneries became lesser, again to the detriment of me doing less of the regular blogging. 
The Bucao is a wide river.  Even if it is shallow it will take you more than a couple of hours to cross it on foot.
Now there is a dike cum concrete road
Last weekend I went back with friends to visit Zambales and with that I thought to go back to one regular thing I enjoyed. I brought with me my camera. It reminded me of how it is such a pleasure to go out and discover new things about the Philippine counrtyside.  Eventhough it is not the first time to visit some of these places, revisiting still does not leave you with nothing to explore. 

I went back to the Bucao river valley after more than a year.  The ever changing landscape never seizes to amaze me.  Everytime I go there, the riverbed changes in profile. The white lahar-stricken scene does not appear sad and forsaken.  On the other hand it just shows and intensifies how unique this part of the country is.
The highway and the adjacent hills
I have always thought of the Bucao that grand way and it continues to dazzle me everytime I go back. It is one scene which I would probably not get tired of and worthy to get me back into the groove of blogging.  Now I bring out my computer to make my first blog in 4 months. Hopefully you guys would again be patient in waiting for my next ones and I promise to have it out the soonest.      

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