Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Orchid Artist!

Ornamental plant display
Botchie Canicula's booth
Architect Bimbo Vergara
The waling-waling
My plant fascination has been lately been replaced by an art-toy craze.  Probably why I have not been visiting garden shops and shows for quite some time. But I required my students to visit the Philippine Orchid Society Show so I accompanied a couple of them.   

The exhibit area featured the predictable plant booths and displays.  The usual suspects were also present like Purificacion Orchids, Cactus and Succulent Society and some more.  But in one corner, I find a gallery of the infamous waling-waling orchid, painted by my friend Bimbo Vergara.  I have written about Bimbo in this blog but more concerned about his wild cactus collection.  It is refreshing to see that something native has caught his fancy.  He immortalized popular varieties and cultivars in acrylic on board panels. 
Drawing 2
Detail of drawing


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