Friday, April 19, 2019

There are Bees in the Garden

The bees have more than double in number
The bee hive in one
 corner of the garden
Quick Post: 

I have bees in the garden! I am not sure what kind they are but their number is growing.  A few days ago when I first saw them I could count how many they are peeking from the weep hole in one of the terracotta pots we inverted to serve as stand for the other plants. Now there seem to be many guarding the entrance to their hive.  I wonder how the hive looks like in the inside.  But I will not attempt to even open it.

A week ago, the termite exterminator I hired came by to render his last contract inspection.  I told  him about the bee nest so he carefully sprayed around the garden so as not to disturb them.  But I was still afraid that they might get affect.  But apparently they were not affected as the number of bees guarding the nest more than doubled.   

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