Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This Ilokano Vegetable Comes from a Tree

To the Ilokanos and the pinakbet-eaters, your favorite alukon will be soon very much available . Therefore the price of this Ilokano favorite would soon go down because of the influx of supply.

The alukon is actually the spike -like inflorescence of the himbabao tree or Brousonnetia luzonica. The himbabao trees which mostly lost their leaves in the cold season are back with new foliage and of course, the flowers. The flowers are not that showy and grand, but the veggie eaters attest that the taste more than make up for the average appearance. Market-goers should watch out for this unusual treat.


hou said...

The fruits are said to be edible but not sure how it is prepared.
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HazardXx LiGhtNing said...

really delicious the flower of this it...