Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Amarela in Bohol Once More

I am back in Bohol and ultimately in Amarela Resort once more, after more than a year of absence. The garden is already overgrown, with a few plants out of place. I performed my plant duties but most probably I could not cover all the trimming instructions needed to reshape the garden. But most of the plants are in fine health. They would only need some pruning and a little more attention from the gardeners.

Night shift had Architect Chi and I relegated to Christmas ornamentation. With the absence of Bianca Nunag, Amarela's resident art manager, we were tasked with sprucing up the Christmas tree and setting up the traditional belen. We made a small trip to the local mall but eventually we had to resort to last year's ornaments, as there are less decors to be desired in the mall. But we made do with the cute orange and white capiz shells Amarela put up last year. Chi decided to add a few green trims and ribbons which I fashioned into the vinyl tree upto the wee hours of the morning. Sir Doy Nunag pointed out green signifies environmental awareness.

The trip to back to Amarela also gave me the opportunity to take a final look at some coastal Bohol trees to include in the thesis. This month the banilad (Sterculia comosa), balinghasai (Buchanania arborescens) and alim (Melanolepis multigrandulosa) are all in fruit. I took snap pictures of the tree details, and will eventually include them in my thesis evaluation.

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