Friday, November 27, 2009

The State of my Heritage Trees

On a lighter note, I went back again to Heritage Park after a few months of physical absence. I immediately thought of the 2 Sterculia species that I reared from seedlings and asked grounds supervisor Lito Echaluse to plant. They appear to be healthy though some specimens are stunted in growth, probably because of the adobe foundation in the memorial park. I could not wait till the bigger ones cast needed shade upon the parking area.

The Sterculias we planted are banilad (S. comosa) from Panglao in Bohol and kalumpang (S. foetida) from specimens collected from Marikina.


Barry said...

I love Sterculia spp. I have planted Sterculia foetida at two different locations, and have Sterculia shillinglawii (Australia) and Sterculia urens (India) planted in my own yard.

metscaper said...

i also have a 3rd native species, sterculia cordata var. montana. i got 3 seeds from a lone tree in the UP arboretum.only 1 germinated. when it reached a foot in height i donated it back to UP, to be planted in the College of Science. I ll try to see what has become of it.