Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Update on the Red Flowered Trees

I was saddened last year to learn that the Bombax ceiba or malabulak in Sikatuna Village was cut down. I was thinking that my best candidate of a flowering specimen is gone.

Yesterday I went with the Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society to nearby Novaliches and passed a lot of flowered specimen of the tree. Even La Mesa watershed has flowering specimens. Hope the red blooms would last the Nova residents enough good memory for them not to cut the trees down. Here is hoping!!!


lia said...

Hi! How can one differentiate Bombax ceiba from Ceiba pentandra? Thank you very much!

metscaper said...

the red flowers a good giveaway. but they are only in flower in feb. i think bombax has shallow thorns on it trunk compared to the smooth trunk of ceiba.