Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Year to Blog on Trees

It is 2011. It will be the 4th year for me to blog on trees, starting from my multiply site in 2007. Probably blogged close to 200 entries, writing about numerous plants along the way. Philippine trees alone are 3500 species. There is still a long way to go and I am hoping I would get the chance to explore more of the botanical wonders of our forests. May I have more opportunities to blog on our Philippine trees.

Cheers to our native green this coming year!


flipster said...

Dear Patrick
I am an avid follower of your blog and so impressed with your wit, knowledge and writing.
I wish you and your family a Safe, Healthy, Peaceful and a Bountiful New Year
Keep on blogging.-Flipster

metscaper said...

Hi. Thanks. I hope you will continue on reading.

Happy New Year to you!

dr magsasaka said...

I will cheer you on.
Marami pa! Go, Patrick, go!

Andrea said...

YOur site is a treasure, as i long dreamed of identifying the plants in our area in the province, sort of doing biodiversity index or species richness in the area. I dont have any reference for trees, only know mostly ornamentals. Do you know if there is still probably a copy of Madulid's Encyclopedia? I've long been looking for it but none in the bookstores. thank you.

metscaper said...

I see soft bound copies of Dr. Madulid's book every now and then in Fullybooked or National. Another book you could use is Emil Sotalbo's book on U.P. Diliman Campus trees. I forgot the exact book title but 4 copies are currently on the shelf in National Bookstore Megamall.

vsaunisin said...

As much as you love trees, i love leaves. Leaves have a calming effect on me and i believe it also has the same effect on other people. My blog:

Edward said...

Hello just stumble upon your blog. I am not a plant or a tree enthusiast, but I like your work about Philippine native flora. It makes me proud that our country have such a rich and unique plants. I hope one day we can all learn how to appreciate them, they are true trasures.