Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Secret Garden

Quick post: When I saw this garden this morning I was delighted. It is not because I like its design very much but rather because this secrative garden was where I least expected it to be. It is not in any quaint residential house or any high profile commercial establishment. It is at a community gas station in the very rural San Miguel, Bulacan. The most surprising was that it is located inside the public restroom - in that provincial gas station. It just shows that you find the most interesting things in the least likely places.

Incidentally I tried to scrutinize if this garden had ornamental native plants. It did at least have 2, Murraya paniculata (kamuning) and Homalomena rubescens, an aroid.

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dr magsasaka said...

Maganda siya, and I agree with you, it is in an unlikely place. What a joy.

Shows what a little imagination can do.