Monday, July 11, 2011

Ang Kawawang Kalaw (This Poor Hornbill)!

Remember the image of this hornbill! The picture was posted by FB friend Dennis Dolojan citing his dilemma. It was offered for sale to him. Dennis is an environmentalist by heart, refused to buy it. But as he saw the seller scamper away with the poor bird, things were playing in his mind. Should he had bought it, he could have saved the bird and he himself could have set it out to freedom. But then again, if he did, he also encouraged the seller to trap and poach more birds. Either way he went, he loses. We all lose. But the one true loser is the Philippine forest, which this day has lost another hornbill in its life cycle. The poor bird will probably end up in a cramp cage in a rich spoiled brat's collection.


kevin valdez said...

send that kalaw hunter to jail

Andrea said...

sana hinuli nya yung seller "citizen's arrest" at dinala sa authorities. Pero sino nga ba dito sa atin ang gagawa ng ganyan kung alam na alam natin na hindi masyado mabigat ang pagpapatupad ng batas!

Dee Quixotic said...

ireport sa PAWS. btw, I dont hear too much about PAWS nowadays. Do they still exist?