Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Introducing the Candidates for Floral Beauty...

My last poll was about the sampaguita and how it is our national flower yet it is not native. There are other much more beautiful native flowering plants and i listed a few for people select one as probable candidate to replace sampaguita:
Waling waling clumps in a garden show
1. Waling-waling or Euanthe sanderiana - the queen of orchids
2. Katmon or Dillenia philippinensis, one of the showiest flowering trees
3. Bagawak morado or Clerodendrum quadriculare, one of the most colorful flowering shrubs
4. Kamuning or Murraya paniculata, one of the most fragrant
5. Rafflesia sp., one of the biggest flowers

The choice by 60 percent of respondents was waling-waling while the remaining flowers all got 10 percent of votes.

Waling-waling is a symbol of pride in Davao
Probably more than being a national flower, the waling-waling or Euanthe sanderiana should become a national cause. It is considered the queen or ornamental orchids yet it is nearing extinction in its native range. The remaining population is hanging by a thread, being protected by insurgency in Mindanao. We wouldn't want to see the native orchid reduced to specimens grown in gardens and worse, in nurseries outside of the country as other Southeast Asian countries have better breeding programs for the waling-waling.

Hybrid of waling-waling
In the the duration of this poll, other natives were also nominated to be included but the settings of the poll could not anymore be changed when voting started. Just goes to show that we have far more deserving candidates as national flower, and we truly have forests blessed with a diversity of beautiful species.

The next poll is up!


Andrea said...

Have you seen the katmon tree in front of the UST bldg, just near the Espana gate? May i know if it is our endemic species. BTW, i thought Euanthe is not anymore used, instead it is now Vanda, as in Vanda sanderiana.

metscaper said...

Yes, it is Dillenia indica. Not the native katmon.

With scientific names, it is always tricky. It is this then it is this. Very confusing.

dr magsasaka said...

Waling waling used to be grouped with the genus Vanda.
However, because of certain characteristics outlined here http://www.orchidspecies.com/euanthe.htm, it was separated.

A plug for my flickr collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/likas_halamanan/


Andy said...

May i am aware if it is our endemic species. BTW, i believed Euanthe is not anymore used,
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