Sunday, September 25, 2011

May Diliman pa ba sa Diliman?

Diliman fern on a lattice.
Other ferns in collection
Did you know that Diliman in Quezon City was named after a fern? I only found out about it a few years ago. I always thought that Diliman was named because it always rains there, always getting too cloudy. But I was corrected as the place where U.P. stands is named after Stenochalena palustris, a climbing fern once abundant in the area.  But Diliman, the district, being too developed, I am not anymore expecting to see a wild diliman fern growing in its vicinity.

The leaf fronds
But this afternoon I went to a private garden in Quezon city and rediscovered the diliman fern.  Fern man Anthony Arbias, who was with us, identified the species.  The specimen was healthy and growing profusely on a lattice trellis in one quiet corner.  It is not a wild specimen but nevertheless, it was the original diliman growing in South Triangle, Diliman. So there is indeed still some diliman ferns in Diliman district!  


mujacko2002 said...

I love this article. I love ferns.

1784 said...

It's gorgeous! I collect ferns too, especially local ones and enjoy promoting it. Today, I learned something new again, thanks!

metscaper said...

Wow. Happy fern collecting.