Monday, October 3, 2011

SM - Sayawan Mall

I was eating my lunch in Max's resto over at SM Makati.  Suddenly loud folk dance music played over the public address system and sales clerks of the nearby Kultura store went in the middle of the mall and danced.  It took me by surprise, but not enough to hinder me to bring out my trusted camera and take quick pictures of the happy dancers.   They all looked like they were enjoying themselves.  The spectators and diners on the other hand had mixed feelings.  Some seemed not amused and some oblivious to what was going on, but generally people were staring, and a few sported a smile. I for one was glad because it was a different sight to see in the usual mall. My week started bad with bad emails and rain soaked shoes in my first meeting, but the Kultura employees gave a little ray of light into a seemingly bad Monday (the afternoon was filled with more surprises in Seedling Bank but that would be another story).  

And another thing that completed my day was hearing 'Mamang Sorbetero' by Celeste Legaspi. My childhood was filled with memories of these kind of Filipino music like 'Kataka-taka', 'Pipit', ' Saranggola ni Pepe','Limang Dipang Tao', 'Salamat Musika' and a lot more. I should go back to the music store and look for a compilation of such songs.

Next time I am again in the area at lunch time, I will look forward to the the folk dance over at Kultura.   I hope they will dance to other memorable Filipino songs as well.     


Andrea said...

i love the title, SM now is Sayawan Mall.

metscaper said...

Hehehe. Thanks.