Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bocaue is a Bamboo

Patis with the Metro Home team
I just learned that another place from Bulacan is named after a plant!

I was in PatisTito in San Pablo a few weeks ago, Patis Tesoro graciously hosted the Metro Home team into her rustic home and garden.  She gave a quick tour of the grounds and in one corner she showed us a weird bamboo.  She told us it is bocawe, from which Bocaue in Bulacan got its name.

I am not sure what the species name of bocawe, but the plant Patis calls bocawe is indeed very impressive and quite unique.  It is moderately attractive and weird.  It is typically bamboo with the nodal culms.  But it is not upright like most bamboos we know. The thick culms are vining and need a support like a trellis or a nearby tree. Bocawe was probably abundant in Bocaue and nearby Meycauayan. It was said to be the material used as spears by early katipuneros (which makes it historically relevant).  

Bocawe leaves
The vining bamboo
Incidentally, Bocaue used to be part of Meycauayan - bocawe, the plant, being a kawayan (local name for bamboo).   I am not sure if presently there are any bocawe in both these towns. 
Bocawe, the bamboo


Loney Kitchen said...

This is interesting! I have seen a type of bamboo here in our mountains and they looked like a vine. I'll take a good look again. It just might be the Bacaue ;-)

metscaper said...

Let me know if it is.