Monday, November 14, 2011

The Heavily Burdened Tagpo Trees

Tilting tagpos
Heavily laden with fruit and foliage
Quickpost: I was at Jardin Isabel the other day and found specimens of Ardisia or tagpo heavily laden with fruit.  The small trees are already tilting because of the fruits' weight.  I am not sure if these are Ardisia squamulosa or A. whitfordii but they look interesting especially because they are prolific fruiters.  Not sure if fruits are edible though. But they sure make a nice addition to any garden.

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tabbydan said...

A. squamulosa fruits supposedly are cooked and eaten with fish in the Philippines. I have eaten some fruits raw recently. Not exactly a great flavor but interesting (slightly astringent, decent sour/sweet balance but weak, weak serviceberry like flavors too). There is research on this species for pharmaceutical use, it may have anticoagulant effects, there are "antioxidants" in it, non-polar extracts from the leaves reduce sperm count but not morphology or viability (I find non-polar extracts a bit unrealistic since the stomach doesn't work that way...). Probably a good idea if you don't make a full meal out of the fruits.

The biggest downsides are: this is a very invasive species, and the flavor (while somewhat interesting) isn't a winner compared to most fruits.