Sunday, December 18, 2011

Come Visit My Version of the Philippines

Boracay from the air
Mt. Samat Cross in Bataan
I was added by Ponchit Enrile into this Facebook group called Come Visit My Philippines.  It is a social site posting various stuff about our country to entice foreigners to do drop by. For the past days I have been rummaging though my old files looking if I do have pictures of local attractions, and guess what, I do! And I realized that my point-and-shoot cameras were not all that bad.  I have some nice ones which I think could persuade tourists to give coming to visit the Philippines a try. Do indulge me as I will be posting some here:
El Nido Sunset
Magellan Cross in Cebu
The Manila skyline

The Bucao River in Zambales at 6 in the morning


Mugen said...

Your pictures are breathtaking. I discovered your blog while writing my children's article.

:) Thanks for sharing.

Plant Chaser said...

Happy New Year!!! That is a great set of images.