Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Garden!

The garden before I started last Tuesday
The swing without the pavers
With the pavers added
I have been in excommunicado for the past few days. It is probably burn out. But then again it is the end of the year, so I decided to do something completely for myself for a change (not work related). I decided to give time fixing my garden. For how many months now I have been playing around with what to do with the mess in my garden.  I had lots of plants in the center so it is hard to get around. Plus everything is topsy-turvy.

I told my friend Susan Topacio of Jardin Isabel one day I will borrow a few workers from her shop. But I never really got around to doing so.  Last Tuesday I did and only finished this afternoon, in time for the new year. I repotted all my plants and most of all removed the junk in the middle of the garden.  Hopefully the new look will usher in some new chi and good vibes into our household.
My repotted Agaves
Finally arranged all the potted plants
No more plants in the center!
View from swing
It will be a pleasant new year for my garden.  Hopefully it will be for me and all of us!  May the dragon bring in joy and prosperity to us all this coming year! If not, I hope that  2012 will be at  least peaceful and fruitful!


dr magsasaka said...

It looks great.
Happy new year!

flipster said...

Nice Garden, keep on blogging. Happy New Year

Wally Suarez said...

Looks strongly Mediterranean, Pat- except for the swing : )

belleqq said...

Wow, Patrick...ready na for coffee ang garden mo! Lovely. Happy New Year!

Johnnybee said...

Ahhh now I have an image of your cllection that I always hear from you! Nice!

metscaper said...

Thanks. Happy New year to everyone!

Elmer I. Nocheseda said...

Lovely and inviting for a nice tea party.

blogalag said...

pwede na for our yoga/aerobics plan...which might never happen, wehehe