Sunday, April 8, 2012

Details of a Crowded Baguio

Cloudy view at Mines View Park
Sundot kulangot
People everywhere!
Tiger grass walis
After finishing the whirlwind session of checking plates and posting grades, I decided to catch a last leg of recreation. Spent the holy holidays giving out 1.0's, 1.25's etc. Was hoping that Easter will be a less stressful day.

Strawberries were in season
As last minute attempt, I went on a road trip to Baguio with my sisters, going against the traffic of returning city vacationers. It was almost 2 years since I last went up the summer capital. We got there around lunchtime, but after a five hour drive we only got to sightsee in very crowded SM and Mines View Park. Baguio is so confusing with the one way traffic and concrete barriers everywhere. And it seems majority still have not gotten tired of the holiday spirit. The streets are full of vehicles and the attractions, of course, with tourists. And to add to the pressure, it was drizzling. Most of time we spent doing shopping, shopping and shopping. We did a little of eating too. Souvenir prices are jacked up because of the demand. But that did not stop us from haggling and getting the best price for our pasalubong items.   Took snaps of what my sisters and nephews were checking out.

To everyone a very happy Easter!
different versions of the x-rated barrel Igorot man


Andrea said...

haha, it's good you didn't open the barrel here!

metscaper said...

Yup. Lol. Have to be wholesome with the post.