Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Last View of the SM Baguio Pine Trees

There is not much pine trees in this Baguio picture, houses fill the mountain
The infamous SM pine trees
I was in Baguio last weekend and passed by SM. I took pictures of the famous pine trees to be cut.  But I did not realize that it was actually their last day of existence before they were cut down for the mall extension.  I figured at least I have a posterity pic of the now infamous pine trees. They are now immortal not only in my photo but also because of the deed everyone is sad about.  

A day before they were cut down
But this fact is not only true in SM Baguio.  The tree cuttings is only much celebrated because of the number of trees fell all at one time.  But if you look at Baguio itself, it is now much different from the Baguio I saw when I was 8 years old, my first time to the city of pine trees. Then, Baguio still smelled of pine tree scent. Now 30 years after, Baguio is much changed because of congestion and industry. I could not discern the smell the pine trees anymore. In place of the many fallen pine trees and other tree species, I could see metal house roofs and concrete structures. I could estimate that was far more than the 170 SM Baguio obliterated. But these ones fell in silence. The demise of the pine trees, or even Baguio's original vegetation, is everyone elses and not an SM monopoly. SM has a big share of the blame right now but everyone who let it reach this state is responsible. 
A ray of hope in some parts of Baguio


The Buskalo Kid said...

I feel bad for the pine trees. On the other hand, sir pat, can you identify this plant for me? -> Tungaw. Its fruit look like strawberries. We have lots of these plants on my gram's lot in the mountains of Cebu.

metscaper said...

I am guessing you are referring to Melastoma malabathricum or some Tagalogs and Visayan refer to as tutungaw.

metscaper said...

Wait, just saw he link to the picture. Rubus?

The Buskalo Kid said...

Unlike raspberries, it is not a group of small individual fruits. It is one whole fruit and grows individually. The fruit has been a puzzle to us. Thanks anyway!

Plant Chaser said...

Very sad about the pine trees. Honestly, Baguio no longer holds any appeal for me. There was no decent urban planning involved. You used to smell the pine scent even at the start of the climb up the mountains. Now you can inhale as deeply as you want and any pine scent will probably just be faint or imaginary.