Thursday, August 9, 2012

Books on Natives At Last!

Book launching loot
Complimentary Rafflesia book
I attended a book launching cum tribute to First Philippine Holding's Oscar Lopez. To celebrate the amazing accomplishments and environmental dedication of the company's chairman emeritus, 3 books were introduced to the attendees of the event in the Rockwell Tent, last Thursday evening. Guests were treated to overflowing cocktails and complimentary copies of the important books.

Native tree book
The first book "Generations" chronicles the resource richness and biodiversity of Philippine islands.  The second lists the 10 unusual native species in "Rafflesia in the Philippines". The last is "Philippine Native Trees 101, Up Close and Personal", a rare reference to 108 native tree species which could be used for urban landscaping.   Books 1 and 2 are not sold comercially.  The third book is sold by Green Convergence and Hortica Filipina. 


Plant Chaser said...

I've already emailed inquiries for the 3rd book. Any ideas where a copy of the 2nd book can be obtained? -- Bom @ Plant Chaser

Bernadette said...

Hi! Am interested to buy the three books, not only for my own collection and reference, but also to give them as gifts to my nephew who is now in his second year taking up Forestry. please let me know where I can get copies. Thanks! I love your blog.

metscaper said...

Hi. Sorry the third book is the only one available commercially. You could email

Bernadette said...

Thanks! will do just that. ♥

Lyjhey Flora said...

Saan po makakabili nung Philippine native trees.. available pa ba?


Lyjhey Flora said...