Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nurturing the Young's Interest

Members of UP Green League with Ron Achacoso
The endemic Adonidia merrillii in AS walk
Last Wednesday I was invited by UP Green League to hold a tree walk as an ACLE session.  ACLE means alternative class learning experience which aims to give a different education from what you could basically learn inside the classroom. In line with this, the regular U.P. classes were suspended from 1 to 4 P.M. so students could attend the ACLE sessions.  But on my way to Palma Hall at 1 pm, crowds were already lining up to ride jeepneys going out of the campus. The ACLE sessions on the fourth floor of A.S. building had sparse attendance.  Green League's was not different as the session intended for 30 had only 9 attendees. But we went on having the tree walk anyway as 9 people are still worth teaching about the importance about the presence of native tree species in the environment.

We went on a different route going from A.S. to the lagoon, Melchor Hall, the library, the pavilions and ending up in MSI. Eventhough the group was small, the students seemed really interested in every tree that we went through.  They were actively smelling, touching and even tasting the fruits of each species. Hopefully what they learned would help them appreciate native species. 


ITYRAR said...

Sir salamat po ulit sa acle!

Marami po talaga kaming natutunan

remrick said...

I couldn't help but notice one of the pictures where the caption says "The endemic Adonidia merrillii in AS walk." Isn't Adonidia merrillii the Manila Palm? But those in the picture are much thinner, aren't they Alexander palms or Ptychosperma elegans? I'm pretty sure it's not Manila palm, because we have those at home.