Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Cootie Catcher

Max's cootie-catcher
Reminds me of a flower
I was with PNPCSI friends Ernie and Lanie yesterday and we decided to eat in Max's while waiting for Ronald and Anthony.  Of course if you are in Max'syou have to order their traditional very tasty and crispy fried chicken, which we did.  While waiting for our order we noticed something different in Max's table set up. They had  origami art which the waiters call the 'cootie catcher'.  

The witty answers
It reminds me of the paper flower my neighbors used to make in my childhood days in La Loma. My former playmates pencil in words behind the paper flaps to answer simple yes-or-no questions. They sort of use it for fortune-telling. Then they ask question like if their parents will buy them new toys or the sorts.

From flat sheet
To pass-off time we sampled Max's cootie catcher.  Lanie was contemplating if she should attend mass in UST.  The cootie catcher answered: 'Only if you are very good'. So Lanie felt guilty and decided to attend mass.  We also asked if Ronald and Anthony will be coming soon.  Answer: 'Do you really have to ask?'.  Then our chicken lunch arrived.

In between eating our sumptuous chicken we asked more questions which we let the cootie catcher answer.  The replies are funny and really entertained us.  Question: does the cootie catcher work? We did not have the chance to ask this.  But Ronald and Anthony arrived way after our meal was finished, which made us had more time playing with the paper toy. 'Do you really have to ask?'

Disclaimer:  Not in any way affiliated with Max's and its subsidiaries.  Hope I am so I could enjoy more of the spring chicken. Hehehe!

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