Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Smaller Orchid Display

Green wall booth
Vangie Go's winning entry
I was back at Quezon Memorial Circle, this time for the Philippine Orchid Society's Mid-year Show. The selling area and the exhibits are again in Hardin ng mga Bulaklak complex, the same place used in the last show. But the booth displays are recognizably much smaller. The organizers alloted a tiny area for display entries so that more exhibitors could join the competition. Orchid booths are cuter, but not that luxurious and extravagant looking. Still, I enjoyed going around and looking at the different orchids, native and not, in bloom. 

The Orchid Show is open 8 to 6 PM from Aug 30 to Sept 10.

Phalaenopsis hybrids in Purificacion booth

Puentespina display

Another orchid display combined with other ornamentals

Malvarosa Orchids display

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