Sunday, March 3, 2013

Battle of the Small Schefflera Species

Every now and then I get to see new Schefflera species and varieties and I always get surprised that some of the nice ones are Philippine native.  One of the most beautiful I have seen is Schefflera albido-bracteata or the starshine and yes, it too is Philippine native and propagated (but still rare). It has nice long slender puckered leaflets. Most propagated Scheffleras I have seen fairly large compound leaves but sometimes small leafed species pop in the landscaping scene. 
I saw this Schefflera last year at the Los Banos Garden show.  It looks similar to what was identified in Madulid's book as Cephaloschefflera blancoi. It has graceful leaf grwoth and fine flower sprays.  
Five years ago, the smallest Schefflera I know is something to what is labeled in Dr. Madulid's Ornamental Plant Pictorial-cyclopedia as Cephaloschefflera blancoi. But in the recent years a few more fine leaves ones emerged in the market.  They are claimed to be Philippine native but not yet commonly grown.  They are as follows:   
This Schefflera is growing nicely in the landscapes of Ayala Tower One in Makati.  My friend Mike Asinas said that the supplier was claiming it is a native species.  But it still has to be confirmed.  It looks like a small version of the non native Schefflera arboricola.  
I thought this was the smallest Philippine species as it was named as Schefflera microphylla or small-leafed Schefflera.  It grows in the rocky mountains of Zambales at high humidity areas. 
The smallest species I have seen so far is this one, sold by a stall in Centris a few years back. A plant expert said it grows in high elevation and humidity in the mountains of Northern Luzon. Not sure if it can thrive in hot and dry Manila.

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