Monday, March 11, 2013

My New Flowering Favorite

The yellow flowers are the same diameter as a tennis ball
I needed to transfer my Sibuyan katmon or Dillenia sibuyanensis into a bigger pot.  It was growing too tall for the 12 inch diameter clay pot it was in so I got it replanted in a 16 inch plastic pot.  But it meant I had to also transfer it from the cramp shady part under our trellis into a more sunny spot in my garden.  That was a month ago.

New bud
Today I found my katmon with open flower and 4 new buds.  I was expecting the plant will regress since I placed it in a new area. But still the plant came out with blooms, seem to be liking a more sun-exposed growth. This really astounded me. The Sibuyan katmon is fast becoming my new  favorite.  Not only is it a flowering native but also an easy plant to grow.  Hope it will be easy to propagate.

P.S.  Last time the katmon flowered, it developed into a fruit and I harvested a handful of seeds.  The seeds germinated to 3 seedlings.  Looks promising! 


bythe said...

can you share where you sourced the plant please? i'd like to start propagating native plants in our yard.

Ron said...

Hello Pat,

This is lovely! I only have the white-flowered Catmon.

Can you spare a few seeds please, for me?

Thanks, Pat!


darwin said...

hi there,

where can i buy katmon seedlings/sapling?
i have already started planting pinoy trees... about to make an arboretum of phil. native trees

metscaper said...

The dillenia sibuyanensis is still very rare in landscape. But Hortca Filipina may have some.

Kenneth Haw said...

Hi Patrick,
am inspired by your Sibuyan Katmon blog. I got two seedlings yesterday April 14,2013 from Mam Ime of Hortica Filipina. I was asking her when will we be rewarded with flowers and she was not sure when he he. Reading your blog, and that my plant is now about a foot tall, then maybe in 6 months i will see them in person! Thanks Patrick for your blog.