Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Bloomer

Small dainty flowers in early October
Fully opened cluster mid October
Quick Post: Before October ends, I should have posted something or else I would have again broken the habit.

I was gifted with a very small seedling of an invasive vine in 2011 or 2012, which is a Bauhinia.  It is called agpoi which is usually associated with B. integrifolia, but my specimen is probably a different species.  It was merely just a sprout with 2 leaflets when I received it.  It is now very much bigger, taking over one side of a small trellis in my garden. 

This month, I found the Bauhinia vine in flower.   It is almost similar to the exotic Bauhinia kockiana but has lighter color and smaller orange blooms.  But the leaves are more attractive than the popular B. kockiana, having the familiar binnate shape expected of the genus. It deserves its position in my garden receiving ample sun.  It flutters the dainty flowers whenever there was even the slightest breeze.  It is definitely another overlooked Philippine beauty! 


Alaala Sala said...

Hello Sir Patrick. I've just discovered your blog - admirable work. The Philippines would benefit from having more writers like you, to infect others with a passion to preserve, and not only to collect.

I do hope you'll be back with more when you have the time! I'll be learning from your archives until then. Thank you for the fascinating posts.

By the way, you cat is very handsome!

metscaper said...

I hopefully am back doing the blogging. Thanks about the cat.