Sunday, January 18, 2015

What I Did Last Weekend...

The cute lop-sided eared rabbits
You know what? I miss writing on this blog.  It was my stress reliever when I was doing my thesis. So I have to do it again.  I have to find time to do it! I have many things to write about in the last  two years which did not find its way here.  I have lots of stories to tell...

The nice Curculigo patch
The palm-like Curculigo leaves
I will start off by telling you what I did last weekend. I spent it with a few friends in Negros Oriental. It was not exactly a leisure trip but I was glad I came with them.  It was tiresome and almost sleepless, as we went out of Manila the first flight Saturday (4:30 AM)  and returned last flight Sunday (almost 12 midnight).  And it was marred by a lot of delays flight and otherwise.   

We spent the two days in a farm and I was very much amazed by the animals we saw.  I especially loved the lop rabbits (did I say that right?) with the lop-sided ears. But it won't be complete without me discovering something new about Philippine flora.  

Lemon yellow flowers
At one side of the farm we saw this patch of plants looking like a palm. When I looked closer they appeared like young seedlings of coconut. But Ray Ong said it is not exactly a palm but more related to the lily family.  He said it is called a Curculigo. He added that they are common as understory plants in the forest but noone exactly thought highly of them as an ornamental.

The patch I saw was rather thick and lovely.  Ray instructed me to look for yellow flowers near the base.   I found some and indeed they look a little different from a palm's flowers. The cluster was extremely nice. I wonder if they would look nice clumped and grown in the garden.  

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