Monday, January 19, 2015

A Little Sketching Time

Chabet's 'mangrove' set against the backdrop of Fr. Blanco's botanic prints
The main gallery
Nepenthes leonardi
My friend Ronald Achacoso curated an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum.  It is unique because it is the usual fine arts visual show but this time it centers around the Father Blanco prints - therefore it is about plants. He asked several painters and artists to make versions and depictions of Philippine flora.  He and co-curator Lisa Ito filled the large gallery with the very nice and intriguing works of contemporary artists, including one by the late Roberto Chabet. 

Rafflesia drawing in progress
Last October he requested me to make several drawings depicting species named after Leonardo Co, to fill up a blank space at the museum's audio visual room.  I obliged by preparing 4 colored pencil drawings on A3 sized sheets. I asked a few friends and PNPCSI members to send me pictures of the newly discovered plant species. And I spent practically the whole of November finishing the artworks.  

My 4 sketches for the show
If you have time, please try to take a peek of the exhibit in the Met.  If you have a few more minutes, please do make a detour into the audio visual room where they have my flora drawings.  They are not exactly as complicated as the art in the main gallery but I am still very much elated that they are there.  I enjoyed drawing them and I hope to do more of other Philippine plants in the future. 


the boomerang kid said...

how long will the exhibit run?

metscaper said...

I think upto end of February