Monday, February 8, 2016

The Fairest and the Flawless

Alma Moreno was regarded as the pretty one.
Lorna was said to be more sexy at the time.
Quick Post: These were exhibited in a place I did not expect, the Quezon City Museum. They were part of the industry display as these were promotional calendars of businesses that thrived in Quezon City, at one time or another. It is  a throwback moment as it featured the primary sexy vixens of my generation, Lorna Tolentino and her loveli-ness Alma Moreno. 

Calendar with a daring model who I do not know
I remember that in our time, my siblings and I were always arguing as to who was more sexy, beautiful or famous. Undoubtedly one of my sister's favorite was Alma and I recall myself choosing the side of Lorna. But looking at the calendars now I think I find Alma Moreno the cuter of the two. Hahaha, evolving taste I guess. But I would prefer both of them over the more daring calendars brought out today by the alcohol brands, which are also exhibited.  And like wine these memorabilia pieces are now classics, which is why you could find them in a museum.  

So who do you prefer, Alma or Lorna? Probably Rio Locsin, hahaha!