Monday, February 8, 2016

Green Judgement Day

First prize winner of landscape competition
I was invited by the Philippine Horticultural Society to serve as a judge for the landscaping competition, which I did last Wednesday, along with plantman Michael Asinas and multiple landscape competition winner Francis Gener. There were 12 entries in the competition done by various individuals, groups and even other plant societies. It took all three of us about an hour to view admire and of course evaluate each and every one of them.  After judging, the PHS people commented that for them it is sometimes identifiable who executed what landscape as some entrants have already developed styles or some plant species and specimens are identified with particular growers over the years. But when we did judging, we were suggested to base on pure appreciation, so I made my choices on pure aesthetic merit, which turned out was not much different from the other judges' preferences.  It was not hard for the three of us to come up with a unanimous decision. Below are the winners of the landscape competition.
The bonsai landscape is the second prize winner.
This cactus and succulent landscape won third prize.

Honorable mention landscape
The Philippine Horticultural Society Annual Plant show will run for almost 15 days, up to February 15.  You could catch the exhibits as well as the plant sale booths, open from 8 am to 6 pm.            

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