Sunday, August 16, 2009

Samuyao in Fruit

Quick post: My pet plant, samuyao or Citrus westeri, is in fruit. For the last few months I have seen minute white (sweet smelling) flowers appear. But only now I have noticed the fruit in its full size. They are about the size of the calamansi but with lesser juice. Plus the skin has the bumpy appearance reminiscent of the kaffir lime fruit (Citrus hystrix).


Guy said...

Very nice fruiting specimen.

Dimples said...

Hi! We have a farm in Bicol and I've been using a small part of it to grow native Phil Trees. I've heard of this Samuyao but couldn't find any seedling or mature tree in our area, I've even been to a relatives farm in Quezon unfortunately the landslide a few ago has buried their samuyao trees under mud.

I'd really like to get even a few seedlings of the samuyao. Do you have any plans to sell them?

metscaper said...

I do not sell them. But i could trade them for anything.