Sunday, August 30, 2009

Flora Tributes to Cory

I passed by the orchid show over at Quezon City Hall. After a short inspection of what was sold in the booths I decided to take a break and try the sumptuous looking palabok sold at the food area (which tastes as good as it looks). Halfway through my plate, the animated Lawrence Chan popped up beside my table saying the usual pleasantries and asking if I already saw the new plants timely named after the late beloved president Cory Aquino. Lawrence was insistent that I see it. But I was really interested to know what kind of plants were befitting to be named after the great Philippine (and international) icon. So I hurriedly scooped up the last noodles on my plate and indulged Lawrence in his 'tourist guide' role. The Cory plants were tucked into the landscape exhibits along with the beautiful blooming orchid displays.

The first plant was an Agloanema hybrid. It was included into Kevin Manubay, Jun Golamco and Lawrence's booth. There were actually two kinds, the other was named after Ninoy. Agloanemas are considered collectible. Their attractive contrasting foliage make them very sought after to a lot of enthusiasts. More importantly a lot of Agloanemas are Philippine natives. Lawrence said that the Cory Agloanema is a cross between a Philippine and a Malaysian species (would have to confirm).

The second Cory plant is an orchid, a BLC. BLC's are hybridized from at least 3 genera of orchids mainly Cattleya, Brasseo and laelleo (not sure if i got this right) but basically they are considered hybrid Cattleyas by common collectors. As expected the flowers were yellow, the colored identified with the Aquino family. The blooms were big and magnificent, but not native orchids. It would have been nicer to see a Philippine yellow orchid to bear the names of some of our important historic people, a much more fitting tribute to someone as great as the late president.


dr magsasaka said...

I agree, It would be nice if the tribute plant is a pure Philippine plant, kahit hybrid.
But then, ano kayang orchid ang malalaki blooms, which are bright yellow?

metscaper said...

vandas are good candidates though i am not sure if there are yellow flowered ones. hoyas are also worth looking into.

ronald said...

saw a canary yellow spathoglottis kimballiana in the wild that would rival any hybrid in size and color intensity... elevation was just about 200 meters