Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Yes to a Philippine Trees Thesis

Last Thursday I got to defend my thesis proposal on the design use of Philippine trees in landscape architecture, in completion of a masteral degree in tropical landscape architecture (from the College of Architecture in UP Diliman). I was given the notice to proceed thus it would make me preoccupied with Pinoy trees stuff for the next few months. This means I will continue on logging about them in this blog spot for at least till early 2010. Hope you bear with me while I learn more about our native flora. i also hope to learn from you if you have tidbits to share about certain plants featured.

Pictures courtesy of Mimie de Jesus. Thanks, Mimie!


flipster said...

Good luck on your masters thesis,the way you write your blog leaves nothing to be desired. Maybe just maybe the oral presentation needs a little practice.

metscaper said...