Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the Tree to Paper

I started doing my plant illustrations...again, needed for me to finish my thesis. I started actually last december but because of some unforeseen circumstances i had to put it on a halt. But i finally reopened my sketchbook and resumed sketching.

I have about 4 months to draw about a hundred plants, profile, plan and detail. I realized it was hard to just base them on the pictures so in some cases I had to go back and collect sample parts of the plant.

Plant no. 1 is the familiar Adonidia merrillii or bungang china (christmas palm to foreign collectors). I was trying to do it alphabetically, but eventually had to draw whatever I have access to available plant parts. I am now in plant no. 15, the Batanes voyavoy or Phoenix loureroi, which Ronald Achacoso generously donated a whole frond from his lone specimen. I have to do measurements, scaling and put the final illustration into paper. At least 85 plants to go!!!

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