Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hoya Blooming in Between Rains

It has been raining here in Manila for almost a week now. I am a little bit worried about my succulents as most arid plants (xerophytes) could not stand its roots being soaked long in water. One of my collectible bromeliads wilted away, my only specimen (a gift from a friend). I don't even know its botanical name.

But in spite of the rains, one of my native Hoyas flowered. I have actually neglected my Hoya collection, and this species, Hoya halconensis, has proven to be a beautiful and resilient plant. The buds secretly developed in the rain, emerging only with the pale yellow blooms in between the rains last Thursday. Shame that it did not last long, the delicate raceme melted away once the rain pour restarted.


francis drake said...
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francis drake said...

I remember my grandmother calling a certain flowering plant of ours as 'Hoya.' But, unlike the one pictured, it was a vine/climbing plant. It also bore very small star-shaped flowers. Is it a related species?